Overview of details

New York Style Industrial Design
Perfect for fine dining
170 m²
Parking spaces available

May we introduce you to a location that we are particularly enthusiastic about? The Brick Location is the epitome of the stylish and elegant New York industrial look - if you enjoy fine dining evenings here or nibble on the finest finger food, you may feel like you've been beamed into a hip film set.

Small and more than a little fine

We have to say one thing straight away: the Brick Location is not suitable for opulent parties with several hundred guests. However, it is perfect for everything that takes place on a smaller scale: Video shoots and photo shoots, dinner parties with selected guests, birthday parties or business events with important business partners.

Location in Detail

Marvellously high ceilings

Bright and high: The Brick Location has 5.60 metre high ceilings and five industrial windows that are almost as high. Even on grey, rainy days, it is wonderfully bright here.

Industrial Style

Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, steel elements, high ceilings and windows: the Brick Location (with the excellently chosen name) scores with genuine New York loft style - you will definitely notice that creative thinkers and designers were at work here.

Hervorragend für Food-Veranstaltungen geeignet

The Brick Location is a feast for the eyes - and for the palate there is catering from Le Carrousel. From the finest finger food to fine dining evenings, we are happy to provide you with sustainably sourced, lovingly prepared delicacies.

Different backgrounds

Bricks, a panelled wall or a classic old building look? Photos or video recordings are particularly successful here thanks to the different backgrounds!

Barrier-free and well equipped

A ramp and a goods lift provide easy access to the loft. The fully equipped kitchen has a portafilter espresso machine and a kettle, and your guests are welcome to use the in-house Wi-Fi.

Convenient journey

Arriving by car is easy - the Brick location has its own parking spaces. Your guests can also park in the public car park opposite.

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